Defining New Era of Personalization

In an age where there is an abundance of choice in fashion, it takes something truly special to stand out.

This is what we at HILO DESIGN are championing. We understand that every individual is different in terms of personality, preferences etc. We help our customers interact with our expert designers who understand the client’s requirement and give them a personalized journey and create unique designs to suit them.


Whether it's the beauty of block print or the flexibility of digital printing. Our designers have employed these custom capabilities to create an outfit suitable for our customers.
In our new collection, our designers have exploited new methods to suit your style with some prints.

A confluence of personalized digital art and handcrafted art to create an outfit with a personal touch for every individual.

Any print be it digital or block print can be personalized to your needs and crafted to your suitable outfit. 

Customised Block Printing

A block is created with skill and care. This alone factor makes it attractive. Each block is intricate and authentic. The human touch is apparent, with fascinating little imperfections that cannot be replicated by a machine. 

Customised Digital Printing

Digital fabric printing is bringing new flexibility and customization to the world of surface design. Unique designs can be created taking customer preferences in account and moved from a concept to a finished product in a faster way. With this, the process has become more sophisticated. Intricate designs in an array of colours can be printed on any part of the garment within a time frame. 
Whether it’s digital art or handcrafted art. Each design or every element of the design is created with delving our client’s interest.  Whether it is a type of motif or be it the colour. Every detail of the print is well thought and imprinted on the garment. 
Gone are the days you are buying from the Lot or choosing from what is available. Now with HILO DESIGN, get customised outfits to suit every occasion or your everyday styles. 
Below are some of the exquisite styles created by our designers. Customise in any colour, style etc. consulted by our designers to look your best. 

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Happy New Year 2020!