Laze, Play, Work - The New Normal

Laze, Play, Work- The New Normal

I’m pretty sure all of us didn’t think 2020 would be the year where you would be spending majorly inside. All of us that this would be the year that we would live our best lives! Travel plans and parties that we made had to be postponed.

But what can we do? Man makes plans and Universe unveils other plans. 

I’m pretty sure that one of the changes that we loved and hated at the same time would be working from home. No need to wake up early to beat traffic and get to office on time. But with this change came also new challenges. It become more harder to balance work life and home life and getting into the mood for work itself.

So we’ve got some tips to help you surf through these uncharted seas of WFH so you get to being more productive this year, even though it’s different than what you thought.

Create a Designated Office Space

I think is the one of the most important tips that people don’t realise helps a lot. Having a designated space as your work station helps you achieve that mindset needed to work from Home. Just like going to office helps you get into work mood, a place that is dedicated as your work station makes it easier for you to get into the mood. Find a chair, table and a corner in your house and turn it into a work corner. Decorate it however you want. Do you in decorating that space to maximise your concentration.

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Take Breaks

Take breaks!! Doesn’t mean that you slack off and sit spending hours on Youtube or Instagram, but don’t neglect taking breaks. Don’t work while having your lunch. Work is not running away but you definitely will be running on fumes if you don’t take a break from your screen once a while. Follow the same break that pattern that you had at office to make sure you don’t slack off. Have a lunch break, a snack break and your occasional bathroom breaks for Instagram scrolling 😜.

Dress for work

I know! I know! You thought that working from home would be perfect for staying in you sweats all day long with no problem and you can neglect looking presentable every day. Don’t think that I am asking you to sacrifice you precious comfy clothes, but you need a routine to start your day and dressing up for work would help you with that. You don’t have to dress in your uncomfortable work clothes though, find clothes that you are comfortable in and that you wouldn’t mind going out for a quick walk in. I personally think that the best part of getting home after work is changing into sweats because it helped me leave work behind. So why not do that same even when you are working from Home?

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Have a positive attitude and focus on Yourself

This is something that doesn’t need to be told but reminding doesn’t hurt right? I think it is very important to have a positive attitude to help us through these trying times. We should be able to find the best even in the most hopeless situations and I think this year is the best to start implementing this. As we know, this year doesn’t seem to be turning out as we thought. That doesn’t mean we should think this year is a waste. We can do so much than original planned.  Find things that bring happiness and joy into your life, connect with your friends and family and finally have those heart to hearts that you always wanted, try that painting, discover that new artist or even finally get on with that never-ending watchlist that you have. But take time for yourself and connect with yourself! 

 Written by Gayatri Dendukuri

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